1-2-1 Landscape Photography Workshop

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OCP Landscapes-4.jpg

1-2-1 Landscape Photography Workshop


Tailor made tuition to suit your needs and skill level. Locations can be picked by you (must be local to Suffolk or Norfolk) or recommended by me depending on what you would like to achieve from the workshop.

I will look to teach you technical aspects about using your camera, compositional techniques, correctly exposing your image and best practices whilst on location.

Workshops will last roughly 4-6 hours and will include either a sunrise or sunset shoot.

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NOTE: Insurance is not included in the price of the workshop.

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Not having much experience with landscape photography, I booked up a workshop with Owen Clarke after having watched his YouTube channel and seen his exhibition last year at Thorpe Magna last summer.  I’ve been admiring his images for some time for their technical quality and because they are taken here in Suffolk at places that are within reach for me.  We met up at 6am and walked the short distance down to the River Stour where Owen encourages us to walk about and consider several places that provided good vantage points for the rising sun.  Owen then took us through each stage of how to compose the various elements to create a strong composition, how to set up the tripod and camera to capture it and then going through all of the technical settings of the camera to get the best image quality possible.  Each stage was clearly explained and Owen’s technical knowledge is extensive as he was able to guide me through the different menus and settings and how to use manual focus.  As the light came up and we got that magic light we were hoping for we knew that we were going to get good images.  We had a terrific morning on the River Stour and I went home feeling much more confident about landscape photography thanks to Owen’s eye for detail, abundance of tips and passion for what he does.  I would certainly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to improve their photography.  

‘A. Urquhart February, 2019’